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Baltic Marina Export Ltd. has years of experience in installation and assembling of various pontoons and marinas. Promoting Estonian company Top Marine pontoons and marinas in Lithuania, Belarusian, Ukrainian Poland and other countries  we are offering solution to some common problems:

  pontoons and marinas will not be damaged by ice during winter months;
 water will always be at the same level in relation to the pontoon surface; 
 if needed marina can be expanded or changed in shape;
 if needed whole marina can be moved to the new location.

Plastic pontoons are made by rotomolding (seamless mold) with inside filled with foam polyester. This design guarantees flotation and safeguards against deformation and acts of vandalism. For budget buyers hollow pontoons are also available. Plastic used for all pontoons is resistant to cold, sun, salt water and petroleum products.

Concrete pontoons are made of special water resistant concrete. The main feature of this concrete is resistance to sudden temperature changes (from plus to minus and vice versa). Concrete is strengthened by galvanized carcass. Polyester filling the inside of the pontoons assures safe floating. These heavy weight pontoons are very inert and stable.

Marina consists of access bridge and standard elements. The frame of the element and deck is made of vacuum impregnated pine wood.  The surface of the deck wood is milled. The number and type of concrete or plastic pontoons depends on the load bearing capacity you need

  All our products technical data in PDF format:
Swimming bridge on 400 L capacity plastic pontoons.
  Swimming bridge on 200 L capacity plastic pontoons.
  Marinas on 450 liters capacity plastic pontoons.
   Marinas on separate concrete pontoons. new
  Marinas on heavy duty  (HD) concrete pontoons. new
   Mooring booms. new
Mooring fingers. new
   Mooring buys.
   Yacht and motor boats cradles.
   Spar buoys  (International certified).

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     Also PIANC...► appropriate in terms of recommendations.
All products have 2 years warranty.

about    products    projects    contacts

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