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Marinas on concrete pontoons ■

Concrete pontoons - are made from hydrotechnical fiber reinforced concrete C40/ 50, watertight W6, frost resistance XF4 and KK4 with galvanized carcass filled with foam polyester.  Product is very stable and has high load bearing capacity.  Concrete is water resistant, withstands ice pressure and periodic freezing and unfreezing.  All metal parts (carcass and fastening elements) used in manufacturing are galvanized or made of stainless steel. Product is friendly nature, enviroment class XS2.

Wood and construction: all wood used is (Impregnated vacuum pressure method, class: HC4), load bearing beams are 75 x 200 mm. In concrete pontoons exterior beams are doubled, i.e. 150 x 200 mm, and connected with massive bolts. Elements on plastic pontoons are fastened with 5 mm thick edges.  Deck wood is (strength C16 according to EN 338 standard) milled from sides (non slippery, if one side is damaged the other side can be used).  Wooden elements connecting pontoons are of standard sizes -   2,4 x 6, 2,4 x 8, 2,4 x 12 meters.

Metal elements: edges, anchor chains, staples, ladder railings, hinges and bolts are hot dipped galvanized.  Screws holding the deck wood are coated with special for impregnated wood.

Anchoring.  On the waterfront pontoons and marinas are fastened by chains to the coast elements, water side is anchored.  Various concrete anchors used to securely position the pontoons. Pontoons are connected with each over using chains. Anchors in shallow waters up to 2 meters are covered with ground.

Access bridge is attached to the fastening elements on the shore.  The other side of the bridge has either wheels. It is laid on the standard element.  Main or standard element is fixed by concrete anchors.  Anchors and pontoons are connected by hot dipped galvanized chain. 

All manufacturing is certified and have declarations of conformity.
ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015

      Technical specifications in PDF format:
Marinas on separate concrete pontoons. new
Marinas on heavy duty  (HD) concrete pontoons. new

■ Marinas on concrete pontoons ■

Plastic  ■   Conctrete  ■   Mooring     Cradles     Buoys     Accessories  

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